Thomas & Dimitra

The Guide and the Driver

About Us

We are a happily married couple living on Santorini for the last 12 years and love showing our guests around the island and sharing its mysteries with them.

Thomas - The Driver

Thomas is big calm power. He is driving you around the island, while Dimitra is talking to you about the different sites, but this is just one of his occupations. He has been working in tourism for the last 8 years after he finished his studies in Economics. His big love, apart from Dimitra, is statistics, forecasts, excel and anything having to do with computers and numbers. As a genuine gemini he has an artistic side as well, he loves to paint, design logos, webpages and his most representative artistic works are the design and production of Santoploy, a board game for Santorini that was adored by visitors and locals, and the illustration of His name is Santorini, a book explaining the history of the volcano of Santorini in an easy to understand way for children and grown ups. Together with Dimitra they recently designed and launched the Akrotiri audio guide.

Dimitra - The Guide

Dimitra is a licensed tourist guide that graduated the National School of Guides in 2000. She has been offering a variety of tours all around Greece as well as other European countries and for the last 11 years she is based on Santorini and Athens. She loves history, art, architecture, good food and great wine and she gets all hype for sharing her knowledge for all these with great people-no doubt why Thomas calls her "his google". Traveling around every single corner of our world is her big goal and her biggest expense-apart from clothes, shoes and artistic jewellery. Writing comes unbiased for her so she is behind the texts` section of Santoploy and the Akrotiri audio guide and she recently wrote her first book, His name is Santorini. In all the projects they have created as a couple, she is also responsible for the aesthetic appearance and the final design retouche.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Santorini and let us create an unforgettable experience for you!

Our Recent Projects

Because most of all...we like being creative