The Island

Nature has been proven to be a great artist as far as the archipelago of Santorini is concerned. The volcano has been creating and breaking the bright-coloured rocks and its last burst, about 3600 years ago, resulted into a fantastic unique caldera on top of which the next inhabitants of the island placed their settlements. Minimalist cubic edifices contrast the wild natural beauty, whereas their white and cobalt blue colours match the deep blue Aegean Sea and the bright greek sky!

During the 60`s a great archaeological discovery made the island famous worldwide! Spyridon Marinatos and his team brought to light Akrotiri, a prehistoric city that flourished as a dominant commercial port till the vast volcanic eruption in the end of the 17th century BC. The volcanic debris, that was deposited on the surface of the island, covered the whole settlement, preserving simultaneously all the edifices and objects left there by the prehistoric inhabitants, 3600 years ago! As a result the modern visitor of the site, under the guidance of an expert, can experience a journey back to time, learning how life was at that time in this corner of the world, walking along the prehistoric streets and among the well-preserved houses, admiring the wall-paintings, precious sources of information for the society and the environment of the prehistoric Akrotiri.

This volcanic debris that threw darkness to the prehistoric society, is the one that enlightened the life of the modern inhabitant of the island. This fertile soil supports the cultivation of the assyrtiko, one of the most famous white grape varieties in Greece and offers the unique characteristics to the wine produced out of it. Several wineries, older and more contemporary, smaller and bigger, will give you the chance to taste and enjoy this delicious dionysiac gift accompanying perfectly the local dishes. Cherry tomatoes, fava beans, white eggplants, zucchinis, fresh goat cheese and tons of fish and seafood are some of the local products that will please your taste in this small paradise, either traditionally cooked in a small coastal taverna or with a gourmet touch in one of the caldera restaurants run by famous chefs that settled on the island during the last years.

Apart from the last, the stunning views and the unique architectural complex of the island drew the attention of other artists as well and soon Santorini became home to a number of painters, sculptors, ceramists, jewelers, poets, writers, musicians that used the island`s spectacular background as a great source of inspiration and keep on creating amazing works of art. A number of art galleries will please your eyes and fulfill your cultural hunger.

We will be happy to show you the best of this place where the past and the present mix and match, becoming an indulge for all the senses of the body, the soul and the spirit.

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