OIA (3 hours)

  Dedicate 3 hours to explore the northernmost part of the island and please your eyes and soul in one of the most beautiful villages of the world! We will drive to Oia and walk along the main marble paved street, surrounded by numerous shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants, all made to please the most demanding artistic eye. We will leave the crowds to enjoy an off the beaten track walk in the hidden neighborhoods of the village searching for the best shot of the holiday photo album. If you have the luxury of spending a whole day on the island it is highly recommended to take this tour in the afternoon or really early in the morning. Nature makes its best paintings when the light of the sunset showers the village. During the high season we would suggest you to do this really early in the morning... right after the sunrise the soft light and the lack of crowds will compensate for the early wake up bringing peace to the souls.


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The above are just some of our suggestions... we are here to make your visit on the island the one of your dreams! Contact us for any further information.