Let me present you the prehistoric Pompeii of the Aegean. . . the city that disappeared after the tremendous volcanic eruption about 3600 years ago! The incredible civilization that thrilled the scientists when they discovered it some 50 years ago. Is it indeed the lost continent of Atlantis? What is its connection with the Minoan and Egyptian civilization? The volcanic debris that was deposited on the surface of the island and covered the whole settlement protected it from the natural elements and gave us the chance to admire the achievements of the prehistoric inhabitants that in many cases outreach the modern comforts on the island...I will pick you up from the point that suits you and lead you to the area of the excavation. In the shade of the new bioclimatic shelter and the comfort of the new path constructed around and in the prehistoric city, you will learn all about the structure of the city and its society and what makes it so important to us. For the history lovers a not-to-miss visit!


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