Have a private guide and transport for up to 6 hours to see the most you can in a relaxing way. Walk around the beautiful narrow streets of Oia. Visit one or more of the wineries and learn about the significant role of viticulture on the island`s socioeconomic status while tasting some of the wines repeatedly rewarded in world contests. Learn about the important history of the island in one or more of the museums and have the unique chance to travel back to time under the bioclimatic shelter of the city of Akrotiri, preserved in a great condition under the volcanic debris for more than 3600 years. Let the spectacular views to the caldera take your breath away. Study the medieval architecture in the village of Pyrgos. Reach the highest top of Prophet Elias mountain and capture a panorama of the island and its surroundings. Spend some time in one of the black beaches and enjoy a cocktail on a sunbed after swimming in the refreshing Aegean sea. Have a wonderful meal in a coastal taverna and leave all your thoughts and concerns back...These and many more are some of our suggestions. Let us help you organize your own tour the way you want it and enjoy it on your own pace without the rush of the organized tours.


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The above are just some of our suggestions... we are here to make your visit on the island the one of your dreams! Contact us for any further information.