Are you short of time and you want to organize a small tour, but still haven`t made up your mind which places you want to visit? You want to be flexible to last minute changes of your program? Then this is the ideal tour for you. You are going to have a private guide and transport for 3 to 4 hours with the flexibility to organize your tour on the spot and spend the time you wish in one or more places. Usually in this time it is possible to visit Oia and a winery. Or Oia and the prehistoric museum. Or Akrotiri and the prehistoric museum. Or take a wine and gastronomical tour. And the list can be going on. In case you want to see a little bit of more sites, you could have a glimpse of the highlights without though spending much time there. Tell us what interests you most and we will send you several suggestions to keep in mind until the day of the tour.


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The above are just some of our suggestions... we are here to make your visit on the island the one of your dreams! Contact us for any further information.